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YWM General President

Who we ARE

The Methodist Young Women Prayer & Service Union, otherwise known as the Young Women’s Manyano (“YWM”) is 5466 member strong organisation across the Connexion. The organisation, whose founding was within the Women’s Manyano, gained autonomy in 2004. Being Christ-Centred is the most important part of this organisation. The organisation’s activities are deeply rooted in spirituality while seeking to fulfill the elements of the 5 imperatives that are applicable across the MCSA.The organisation has made great strides in forming its own identity and in 2018 published its updated Constitution in order to align with its aims. One of the key responsibilities is shaping the future is the YWM’s responsibility in ensuring the nurturing of the Junior Manyano.Previous General Presidents were Mrs Boyce, Mrs Ntlhokoa, Mrs Dlephu, Mrs Nyembezi and Mrs Motswenyane. The current General President is Mrs Ngonyama who was recently inducted in October 2019.The current theme, as revealed by the General President, is “Affirming our calling, moulded for tomorrow” and is inspired by the book of Jeremiah 18 verse 6”.

The YWM will focus on 4 key areas over the next 3 years namely:

entrenching and affirming its place in church and in society;
skills development with a particular focus on soft skills;
issues related to gender justice, safety and human rights; and
focus on the Junior Manyano. With the challenges currently being faced by women and especially those in the YWM, the organisation aims to cement its role in its members’ lives, the broader church and in society.